Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unscrewed it? Let's glue it!

Ok, the moment of doubt has passed.

Items on the list can be divided in 3.

Already done; in progress; still has to happen. Let's call them 1, 2 , and 3.

List 1 : Done

  • The book is printed! I'm in possession of the second run. (Was a bit more expensive this time.)
  • My beautiful, creative sister designed the bookmarks for the launch.
  • She also designed the promotional bookmarks.
  • I finished the B&W poster - finally!
  • We've decided how to dress up the place.
  • We've decided the schedule
  • Facebook has been updated and so has the blog at Letterdash.
  • I've mailed an email invite to the Akela of the cubs

List 2: In progress
  • I'm putting together the music. There's a LOT
  • I'm working on my appearance (aaarrrghh! I hate these tropical - whatever.)
  • I'm selecting scenes to read; have to find 9, in case. My sister also helped me select the 3 she enjoyed most.

List 3: Still has to happen:
  • Full colour posters for the libraries. (Priority A)
  • B&W posters printed and pasted all over PTA. (Priority A)
  • Rekord needs to be called (TOP priority)
  • Bookmarks need to be printed
  • and distributed in bookshops and other book places
  • Don't forget second-hand bookshops! Book lovers love these!
  • decide what to wear
  • buy the decor
  • dress the launch bookmarks
  • Send a book to Fran for reviewing (this has nothing to do with the launch but is of equal importance)
  • Practice reading those scenes to my sis
  • Still have to INVITE everyone on my mailing list and everyone in my phone!!!!!
Schedule will remain unpublished for now. I'll report back on launch afterwards!

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