Monday, May 2, 2011

Internet Marketing???

Scribd, AC, Yahoo, Lulu, Facebook, Ning, ezine, blah di blah…

Programming a website for our books

has brought it home to me just how much of marketing a real product still depends on normal, real-life advertizing.

The most books we’ve sold so far, we’ve sold in direct sales, face-to-face, to people we know or who heard about us.

The second-most sales so far have been made out of bookshops.

Whenever we advertize, sales ensue. When we let up, sales stop.

Word of mouth is a myth – there is too little of that.

Internet marketing though? I’ve had (literally) thousands of clicks now, on practically all of my “sites” where I publish… except ezine, but I have to add that I’ve neglected ezine after publishing those initial two articles.

One can spend all day online, posting here, posting there, answering comments, following other blogs out of selfish or unselfish purposes. At the end of the day you have spent all day online commenting and posting. The internet is like an own closed, endless circle. It’s maddening, and addictive. But does it take you any closer to your objective? That is the question.

Well I’m not at the end of my tricks yet. In the interim while I’m studying up on what to do next (and tweaking my website by learning Javascript, and polishing up the second sequel, Solar Wind III – Freedom Fighter, which so far only exists in preview and in a less polished Lulu version; and also working on republishing my violin mentor’s beautiful technique book), chocolate and coffee will not go amiss!!

Eat drink and be messy – for tomorrow we shall gym.

…gipsika, aka kalinka (no that was not a stutter – it was rap :-) )