Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learnt Items

  • only sell books to shops COD
  • only make exceptions for bookshops who have earned it
  • be patient with results
  • be patient with reviewers
  • ditto with graphic designers but not too patient - check occasionally on their vital signs LOL
  • If you plan to launch in a venue that can hold 50 people, don't over-cater with books and food
  • cross your i's and dot your t's
  • Do your own advertizing - be innovative; and pay for it yourself if you can't get it for free
  • quality always sells
  • excitement sells too
  • a cover sells a book; a book sells an author; an author sells a sequel
  • don't make promises on time frames when you're dependent on others to deliver on time
  • don't forget that you are human, too - running a business does not mean the business runs you
  • remember to take your medication!!
Not that I think anyone should actually read this and take it as "advice". It is merely a log of what I've learnt so far...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This post is copied nearly exactly from my Wordpress post at Thingummy.

We've recently had 2 launches at P'kaboo Publishers. The one was public; the other was a private launch, closed society, with a public launch for that book still pending.

Launch of The Solar Wind II:
The Assassin

Lyz Russo

"The Assassin"  (Solar Wind II)

"Remember who you are!"

His sister died with those words on her lips.
Something sinister lurks in his psyche.
Something that loves killing.
Can he complete his mission
without selling out to this entity?

The book is available at,, Amazon or any branch of Ebooks Etc. There are also several other bookshops in South Africa who stock this book.

The book is the sequel to "The Mystery of the Solar Wind" (Lyz Russo). This is a lighthearted adventure story about a bickering lot of young pirates, set in a dark and ominous future. It is available in the same places as "The Assassin". To get more details, please visit (for reviews, a peep into the book, etc.)

The Mystery of the Solar Wind

The Other Book Launch

(the one that happened in quiet, and which precedes a larger, more public launch) is for a fast-reading comedy featuring a ghost as the main character.

Almost Dead in Suburbia

by Douglas Pearce was launched in Observatory, Johannesburg,

Almost Dead In SuburbiaAlmost Dead in Suburbia

The uber-English little village of Wiggleswood is about to get more excitement than it has ever seen before. Ghosts, almost-ghosts and ghostly cats haunt the streets. Several of these ghosts are on a mission, with the hyper-intelligent police chief trying to solve an almost-crime... it's a fun read.

To find out what else P'kaboo has gotten up to, please do visit...

Confucius say:
The one who says that something is impossible, should never interrupt the one who's doing it.