Sunday, January 18, 2015

Writing like crazy.

Disclaimer:  This image is a wallpaper downloaded from the net.  It is meant for inspiration only, and will not be the image on the official cover.  But it does convey the sense of flying, doesn't it?  :-)

The Shooting Star:

Federi, the Solar Wind's dogsbody, wants his independence and freedom.  With Paean and a handful of youngsters he escapes the ship to commandeer his own "leaky old crate", a run-down old Unicate vessel he calls the "Shooting Star".  Battling high seas and the ship's structural damage, he seems quite set to meet his prior (and angry) Captain's challenge, with classic Federitic flair.  

But then the challenges to Earth herself begin:  Alien invasions, abductions and outright war, driven by an invisible agenda.  The "Prince of Earth", a title created in a joke, has to be everything he is and a few things he is not, to protect his crew, his ship and his home planet.  But he cannot be everywhere.  And if he fails, humankind can kiss their blue planet goodbye...


“Federi,” the Captain restarted, “the challenge is off. I can’t have
Perdita on an unseaworthy vessel. You land here and we get your
crate tightened up and the leaks fixed and...”
Federi laughed. “The leaks are fixed. Bless Shawn and duct
“This ship is held together with duct tape?” repeated Lascek,

Saturday, January 3, 2015

... happy new year...

Finally had some time to write!!  So I re-polished the "Shooting Star" and came out the other side with the feeling that it's better now, and almost ready for submission to my editor...  there's just one small hitch...

I'm not 100% happy yet with "The Morrigan", the sequel to "Raider".  But more, I'm not at all sure that the prequel to "Shooting Star" is ready to submit to my editor.  That one is the one I refer to as "the Romanian sequel", but it's original name was "Nix Romipen".  I'm just not certain that the title fits the story anymore.

Unwilling to turn back before I've gone forward, I'm now working on the sequel to "Shooting Star", called "Valleylon".  I'm by now wondering if I shouldn't call that whole series "Valleylon", because that is the main theme carrying through them all.

I first-time edited the "Shooting Star" before, on the contrary, I've smoothed it down a number of times and editing it was fun.  Editing "Valleylon" is a completely different deal as I'm sitting with the first draft as written in 2007, and I can barely remember what went down.  I can't believe what nonsense I wrote!  If it were standalone I'd drop it; but it isn't, it's a linking sequel (or perhaps just a few linking themes) that propels the story forward, into Earth's, or rather Federi's, dealings with the alien world of Valleylon, where an elder race ... well, let me not spoil it all.

So this is the main reason you're unlikely to see "The Morrigan" out all that soon, or a review of it either.  "The Morrigan" is complete and edited but I'm not completely content with it.  Hoping "Raider" will see a print run this year though, so far it's available on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle) and as an ebook from P'kaboo.

I want to do a background pic for this post, let me see if I can get it done...  (btw the "Shooting Star" is super fun!)