Sunday, November 4, 2018

Being "It"

So life doesn't get any easier as I discover the hundreds of ways in which I leaned on my soulmate for 26 years (we both leaned on each other, make no mistake, this was a full partnership on every level).  I miss being able to bounce my ideas off him and getting his creative feedback.  I miss the sheer levels of his creativity (though, actually, now he is moving all sorts of stellar positions for me in the spirit realm, which is beyond amazing - the partnership endures).  I miss his go-get, his mojo, of which he had an overabundance - once again, on the spirit level, I feel it, it is definitely there and he is keeping me company even right now as I'm blogging.  (Now and then he peeps over my shoulder while I'm typing - the mischief, he knew it made me all edgy when he did this in life - but mostly he sits across, on the couch, just watching me and - doing, I don't know what it is that angels do when they are taking a break.) And yes, I'm publishing this, for two reasons - firstly, to honour the Truth!, and secondly, someone who needs it will read it and feel better about their own situation.  And the people who think I'm crazy...  I can only smile... but if it takes "crazy" to accomplish stuff after such a tremendous transition, then so be it.

I am getting more insights as this process rolls on.

We've launched (when I say, "we", I mean Iain and me of course) the Young Writers Contest, the first one in Ireland, and the first one whatsoever.  (Another will follow next year for South Africa, and I want to see how I can slot in UK and Scotland into it all.)

Launching it went a bit like this:  I came up with the ideas; discussed them with the school principal, a few people at the Life Centre and my Ideas Buddy here, a lovely lady who is a mom of one of my kids' friends.  Then I mulled and mulled and mulled, and hung in there waiting for permission, and procrastinated...

Yesterday, I had an "epiphany", I realized that I'm It!  Hey, if I don't give the start signal, nobody will!  This is my project, it may be nationwide, it may become worldwide, but nobody is creating it except me, so I'd better step up on that springboard, look around, check the dizzying distance to the ground, take a breath and jump.

So I created the web page, put it up and the ball is rolling now.  I'm on my way down from the diving tower, falling towards the water, aiming to make as huge a splash as I can...

Am I prepared?  Here's the thing:  One is never prepared.  Never.  You step up and jump.  Or you turn around and climb down, and then it never happens.  Ready, fire, aim!

And my angel is cheering me on.  "You can do it!"  His favourite words.

Love you, my angel.  Remember your achievements?