Friday, February 12, 2010

Solar Wind Log, 12 Feb 2010

I'm about to reread and re-edit the Solar Wind 1 for the last time, integrating all Les' edits as well as smoothing some of the terminology. This will of course mean she needs a new ISBN number. The back cover also has to be redone to incorporate the review, but the cover pic stays the same. So what if she's not square-rigged but Bermudan? It's nearly a tradition to have the cover pic not quite fit the correct description.

After smoothing her, next print run. After that: Flyers. Yip. So here we go.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the next step - pamphlets

Alright, let's get our mind together here.

My next step in the plan was to produce pamphlets, to distribute to all bookshops in lieu of 5000 consignment copies. Well, Bernhard from did a beautiful job on them (see below); there are single details (e.g. a sentence elucidating that Les' books are only marketed by P'kaboo) that need to be changed, and that is all.

But: If I print all those flyers and suddenly there is a demand for MORE THAN 36 BOOKS... (which is the stock I have currently) - I have to have the next print run in stock! I can't do this and sell out and oops - 3 weeks no books! So at least I have to print 50 more books, which means, the edited updated version, which entails, new ISBN, maybe the cover graphic improved... definitely the blurb improved and the review added.

So, step 1 AGAIN, fix up SW1 and get print-ready, print a run of 50 new books, and THEN go for the flyers!

The flyer does not want to load. It's a zip file. Zipped closed.

I'll return to Federi now and see what I can do for him.