Saturday, March 13, 2010

the wheel is turning...


What a busy time! The Assasssssin is finished where edits are concerned, only one scene still needs to be approved.

LOL about the title. A quick search on "smashwords" reveals 47 titles containing or dealing with assassins. A very favourite topic these days! Well, I'm not the first and won't be the last, but it's still a catchy title and mine is different from the others (as is everyone else's). It doesn't matter, it seems to be obligatory to have a book titled "Assassin" so that one is taken seriously. (I could have called it "field of shards", much more abstract, or "Master Plan" - probably tens of thousands around with that title too - but it's already advertized as "The Assassin", so there you are. I bet you there are countless books titled "Freedom Fighter" too, but none called "The Morrigan", other than from Wiccan literature! There is a reason for this. There are only so many words in the English language. Many more writers than words.

So stepwise the following has to happen:

- The fliers, once printed, need to be distributed
- Solar Wind print run of 50 (can't afford 100 at this point).
- Sales need to happen rather fast;
- Launch of the Assassin.

I am COUNTING on those fliers - lets hope that they don't let me down!!