Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unscrewed it? Let's glue it!

Ok, the moment of doubt has passed.

Items on the list can be divided in 3.

Already done; in progress; still has to happen. Let's call them 1, 2 , and 3.

List 1 : Done

  • The book is printed! I'm in possession of the second run. (Was a bit more expensive this time.)
  • My beautiful, creative sister designed the bookmarks for the launch.
  • She also designed the promotional bookmarks.
  • I finished the B&W poster - finally!
  • We've decided how to dress up the place.
  • We've decided the schedule
  • Facebook has been updated and so has the blog at Letterdash.
  • I've mailed an email invite to the Akela of the cubs

List 2: In progress
  • I'm putting together the music. There's a LOT
  • I'm working on my appearance (aaarrrghh! I hate these tropical - whatever.)
  • I'm selecting scenes to read; have to find 9, in case. My sister also helped me select the 3 she enjoyed most.

List 3: Still has to happen:
  • Full colour posters for the libraries. (Priority A)
  • B&W posters printed and pasted all over PTA. (Priority A)
  • Rekord needs to be called (TOP priority)
  • Bookmarks need to be printed
  • and distributed in bookshops and other book places
  • Don't forget second-hand bookshops! Book lovers love these!
  • decide what to wear
  • buy the decor
  • dress the launch bookmarks
  • Send a book to Fran for reviewing (this has nothing to do with the launch but is of equal importance)
  • Practice reading those scenes to my sis
  • Still have to INVITE everyone on my mailing list and everyone in my phone!!!!!
Schedule will remain unpublished for now. I'll report back on launch afterwards!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hot air or healthy buzz?

I'm amazed and thankful at how people are rallying around me to help with the launch and everything around it. It's absolutely wonderful.

There is of course the fear that I may let them down. I found someone who was prepared to proof-read my book and point out edges that needed a bit of polish - nothing major, thank goodness! He also assured me that it's a good read. This gives me hope. But when I hear myself voicing goals (1000 books by Christmas and so on) I get scared. Am I just a loudmouth?

I guess the moment of truth is marching closer. Am I capable of creating enough healthy buzz to launch this book properly? Even without having it available in bookshops but mail-order only? The bookshops must not worry, they'll get their share, once I've sold enough to generate a litho print run and the equivalent in marketing money. But is this another such statement? Will I get there? Will there be enough interest? I'll advertize of course, and advertize and advertize...

There are a number of people who believe in me and the quality of my writing. They are like a solid core around me. I'm stressing my head off.

Wish me and the Solar Wind luck pls.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ha, ha, ha....

Nothing ever goes the way it's planned. This is called life; every sudden change is an opportunity.

The launch at the library has been moved to the 24th. The reason had nothing to do with me, or the library, but with the city council and their efficiency (or lack thereof) with licensing.

This means: 1) the printer has more of a gap to finish the run.
2) If I'd known it a day earlier I could have incorporated the polish edits by my editor, Les Noble. This way the edits have to wait for the next run.
3) The Rekord East is available again for an editorial. I hope. If they don't place it I can still advertise through them anyway.
4) It gives us a LOT more time for advertising.

5) It's now juxtaposed to the Studio Concert on the 23rd so we'll have to be really careful with the spending. Pity.

I'm breathing again. Who knows, hopefully all of Pretoria will be at the library that morning listening to my presentation.

Ha! Presentation. Right. This is what: A "reading" isn't enough. A presentation. Now my mind is running in the correct lines. It may not be genetics but it's just as exciting and newsworthy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rekord East

This is so exciting! I called the Rekord to ask whether I should place an ad announcing the book launch, in the small ads or the entertainment section, and how to go about it; and apart from that it's too late to advertize in next week's Rekord, they want to cover the story of the launch in an editorial! They want pictures and stories. WOW! I asked, what is the cost, so they said, no, this is free, it's news.

I am so thrilled!! (I'm as excited as a 12-year-old!)

Rekord is a free newspaper with distribution all over Pretoria, and Rekord East covers the whole eastern parts, which are the moneyed parts - the major part of the readers in Pretoria. How lucky can a gal get? That is the best exposure I could hope for!

The print run will also be ready on time, I'm just a bit sad that one of Les Noble's brilliant suggestions didn't make it "in" in time. It's great to have a fresh outlook on the whole story, even better when he sends me such ego boosts as "just wanted to dip in and got pulled in".

Les also offered to place a few (I mean, three at a time) copies for me in Durbs bookshops. I'd love that. I offered him in turn to market some of his. Author's co-op. I see it all as part of P'Kaboo. Sooner or later I'll be able to offer proper publishing / marketing deals to authors. It's a matter of time, and momentum.

After 18 copies the money for the print run was back in. (I gave away 7 gift copies.) This thing is looking good!