Saturday, October 27, 2012

Organizing my mind

The purpose of this blog is to splash, in rough draft, my experiences and observations in the publishing project.

My experience at this point is one of being a bit overwhelmed, so I'll just jot down point-wise what I have to do until December (except for getting printed and launching the 3 new books).

Right now:
  • Upload all our books to BookData
    • following which, contact Waterstones
  • Upload the rest of our books to Amazon
    • for which purpose:
    • Straighten the insides of VT1
    • Finish the insides of the "workhorse" version of "Not Another Scale Book" (+get it an ISBN)
    •  PDF them in the right format
    • Finish formatting SW3 for Kindle; ISBN and upload
  • Publish: "Naked in the Sea" (Marie M) -> format, ISBN and Kindle; P'kaboo ISBN and P'kaboo version ebook
  • Books to Paul
  • Books to Les
  • Monday: Dispatch books to Malaysia
  • Done: Proofed SW3, Lupa and SW1 in paper, requested reproof (position issues)
  • Check that the improved pages on P'kaboo are uploaded
  • Finish the new order form PHP 

  • The issues with Paypal and shipping cost calculations are unbearable.  Need to install a different shopping cart on the website.
  • "A Tensional Guitarist":  Reformat so it can be made into a Kindle book.
  • The ShortStory Project:  
    • Find a title; 
    • ISBN, 
    • select collection, 
    • get cover
    • ?Audience participation? 
I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things.  But I may remember them when I'm through the list.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Amazin' Amazon

Five of our titles are by now uploaded on Amazon.  Find them here:

Our books on Amazon:

There is also Forest Circle Quest, not yet in the Amazon Store but can be obtained from CreateSpace under P’kaboo imprint, It should be in the general store in a day or two.

This works.  At least, it looks as though it ought to.  Twelve books (including paper and Kindle copies) are already downloaded.

Converting from A5 to 6x9 inch is quite compatible.  The trouble comes with the music books.  I'm trying to convert A4 music books to 8.5x11 - and 11 is simply not tall enough!  Things get cut off, at least an inch off the top.  I'll have to go back to basics and change everything in "letter" and potentially ask our graphic "ou" to redo the covers (again)...

On the other hand, Amazon opens doors.  It really is quite phenomenal.  It downright changes my business model!