Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learnt Items

  • only sell books to shops COD
  • only make exceptions for bookshops who have earned it
  • be patient with results
  • be patient with reviewers
  • ditto with graphic designers but not too patient - check occasionally on their vital signs LOL
  • If you plan to launch in a venue that can hold 50 people, don't over-cater with books and food
  • cross your i's and dot your t's
  • Do your own advertizing - be innovative; and pay for it yourself if you can't get it for free
  • quality always sells
  • excitement sells too
  • a cover sells a book; a book sells an author; an author sells a sequel
  • don't make promises on time frames when you're dependent on others to deliver on time
  • don't forget that you are human, too - running a business does not mean the business runs you
  • remember to take your medication!!
Not that I think anyone should actually read this and take it as "advice". It is merely a log of what I've learnt so far...

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