Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ha, ha, ha....

Nothing ever goes the way it's planned. This is called life; every sudden change is an opportunity.

The launch at the library has been moved to the 24th. The reason had nothing to do with me, or the library, but with the city council and their efficiency (or lack thereof) with licensing.

This means: 1) the printer has more of a gap to finish the run.
2) If I'd known it a day earlier I could have incorporated the polish edits by my editor, Les Noble. This way the edits have to wait for the next run.
3) The Rekord East is available again for an editorial. I hope. If they don't place it I can still advertise through them anyway.
4) It gives us a LOT more time for advertising.

5) It's now juxtaposed to the Studio Concert on the 23rd so we'll have to be really careful with the spending. Pity.

I'm breathing again. Who knows, hopefully all of Pretoria will be at the library that morning listening to my presentation.

Ha! Presentation. Right. This is what: A "reading" isn't enough. A presentation. Now my mind is running in the correct lines. It may not be genetics but it's just as exciting and newsworthy.

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