Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hot air or healthy buzz?

I'm amazed and thankful at how people are rallying around me to help with the launch and everything around it. It's absolutely wonderful.

There is of course the fear that I may let them down. I found someone who was prepared to proof-read my book and point out edges that needed a bit of polish - nothing major, thank goodness! He also assured me that it's a good read. This gives me hope. But when I hear myself voicing goals (1000 books by Christmas and so on) I get scared. Am I just a loudmouth?

I guess the moment of truth is marching closer. Am I capable of creating enough healthy buzz to launch this book properly? Even without having it available in bookshops but mail-order only? The bookshops must not worry, they'll get their share, once I've sold enough to generate a litho print run and the equivalent in marketing money. But is this another such statement? Will I get there? Will there be enough interest? I'll advertize of course, and advertize and advertize...

There are a number of people who believe in me and the quality of my writing. They are like a solid core around me. I'm stressing my head off.

Wish me and the Solar Wind luck pls.

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