Friday, October 2, 2009

Rekord East

This is so exciting! I called the Rekord to ask whether I should place an ad announcing the book launch, in the small ads or the entertainment section, and how to go about it; and apart from that it's too late to advertize in next week's Rekord, they want to cover the story of the launch in an editorial! They want pictures and stories. WOW! I asked, what is the cost, so they said, no, this is free, it's news.

I am so thrilled!! (I'm as excited as a 12-year-old!)

Rekord is a free newspaper with distribution all over Pretoria, and Rekord East covers the whole eastern parts, which are the moneyed parts - the major part of the readers in Pretoria. How lucky can a gal get? That is the best exposure I could hope for!

The print run will also be ready on time, I'm just a bit sad that one of Les Noble's brilliant suggestions didn't make it "in" in time. It's great to have a fresh outlook on the whole story, even better when he sends me such ego boosts as "just wanted to dip in and got pulled in".

Les also offered to place a few (I mean, three at a time) copies for me in Durbs bookshops. I'd love that. I offered him in turn to market some of his. Author's co-op. I see it all as part of P'Kaboo. Sooner or later I'll be able to offer proper publishing / marketing deals to authors. It's a matter of time, and momentum.

After 18 copies the money for the print run was back in. (I gave away 7 gift copies.) This thing is looking good!

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