Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Second Run for it, and LAUNCH!!

It's a strange thing about this process. At times it feels as though everything's standing still, driving me nuts - and then suddenly the wheel lurches forward a whole stretch!

I'm into the second print run. Was naughty and overhauled the second storm. There wasn't anything wrong with it but now it's such a lot better! Riana the Sweetie fixed the book cover to make space for that ISBN bar code and Stephan from Business Print was still available at 5pm to receive the files. Author Leslie Noble (Tabika, Regina) is looking over the SW for errors in the English, it's the "fresh eyes" I so desperately needed... and he assures me that so far so good, he doesn't see a problem! I did exchange a whole lot of "all in all" and "to and fro" and "on the whole" and similar that the spellcheck points out as cliche's, with more acceptable wording. We don't have to be "momparras" about the language.

Whew! I hope Biz Print will be ready within 10 days? Tomorrow the signing of the proofs. After that hopefully, the second print will be available really soon? I mean, if I sit at Alkantrant Library at my own launch with 23 copies (that's all that's left of the first run), and they all get signed and sold - what next? Take down orders?

Ok with 73 copies the chance is less that I'll get stuck, but it's still not impossible that I sell out (I HOPE I will sell out!) I guess then orders it is.

Here's my new action list:

  • Book launch 10 October
  • book signings every 2 weeks
  • recruiting agents for commission for out-of-hand sales
  • advertizing (still have to advertize for the 10th!)
  • in: newspapers (start with record)
  • Mags
  • radio
  • posters
  • bookmarks
  • email campaign
  • Ron wassisname
  • blog
  • schools and libraries
  • 1000+ copies sold by Christmas!

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