Wednesday, September 2, 2009

in limbo

ok the fuut is out of me altogether. Waiting around for Saturday 12th when I can finally do a reading at Alkantrant library. Who knows maybe a few sales? A book signing? Still have to organize it. Sharon's on leave she's in Holland currently. When she comes back then we can look at me talking to her book club. Not entirely sure how I should go about it... she'll need to introduce me and build my posture and I'll build her posture right back. Complimenting each other. It's how it works. I ought to reread Patricia Fripp "Make it so you don't have to fake it", after having read Helen Nicholson's "Networking". I need business cards and bookmarks. My bizcard ought to be a bookmark! Remember memorable formats! Are the ones that are the wrong shape! Anyway if they put it to its intended use they'll think of the Solar Wind whenever they read any book! So maybe of all the marketing tools bookmarks are my most important. I ought to tell Riana. I want a certain amount of bookmarks for bizcards. They can even fold double, with magnet... but should they? then they lose their unique "uncomfortable" shape and become just another piece of jetsam in a handbag or wallet! Ni. Will keep original bookmark shape. I wants a hundred. If payable.

And soon! Before I go ahead and read to people!

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