Saturday, September 5, 2009

The 'orse's rear

...must get in gear!

This is enough self-pity for now, thank you. The 12th is moving closer.

  • I also think I should advertize the readings in the Record, but first set the dates with Alkantrant. The Record is a good idea - distribution across all of Pretoria East, and reasonable ad space for small ads (which people do compulsively read). It has to be well-designed.
  • Sharon will be in town for 1 week, I need to find out from her when her book club meets again so I can set up a book signing there.
  • I must ask Riana how much she'd charge for 1) bookmarks and 2) fridge magnet bizcards. (Why not? Those get seen about 10 000 times per week! That's branding and subliminal advertizing!) She needs to design me nice ones.
  • And: Inger! Of course! I have to get to Natalie and give Inger her copy so her dad can hopefully read and love it... possibly even write a little review for me...
Keep the ball rolling, Riana said. Time to shake myself out of my lethargy.

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