Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Publishing Will Continue.

Re-reading the last post, I spot a dread negativity.  "Life is a burden" - except, of course, that I say thank you every day that my children are hale and well, and that is also exclusively due to the ultimate sacrifice he made.

I'm starting another blog and another project.  This blog will of course continue, as will the others.  But the new blog is specifically there to outline acts of heroism, and what is happening in South Africa. 

It has come to my attention that here in Ireland, murders only happen to those who are "known to the Garda", meaning they already had a criminal record, and that there is a lack of comprehension that South Africa is a war zone and a slaughterhouse.  "Garda" are a mythical concept in South Africa!  But, Iain was of true Irish hero stock, the Hound of Ulster would have been proud to call him a countryman.  Ireland needs to know this;  the northern hemisphere needs to understand what is happening in that dark county down south.  Iain's story is not unique.  We have unsung heroes, and we have all sorts of dark tragedy as they (the criminal and political elements that want us gone) keep up their relentless butchering. 

40 000 farm murders in 2016.  Wait:  Forty thousand.  Forty thousand incidences where a family who legitimately bought land from a government some generations back and has been farming it since, gets invaded and butchered down, to the last baby and little-old grandmother.

Forty thousand.  Do you have a concept of that figure? 

That's the entire County Longford, murdered out to the last baby.  Not a soul left alive.  In one single year. 

And this year they've already murdered out all of Leitrim, if the rate is the same.

And this has been happening, year after year, for the past twenty and more years.  Do you comprehend the size of this concept?  And here comes the most staggering part:

"We're not at war.  Crime?  What crime?"  Such is the narrative of our ruling party the ANC.

If one of the Irish political parties were getting away with that?  Could you imagine this?

If you think the South African farmers stole the land, you can think again.  Each one of those families paid dearly for their land.  If you bought land from your government at the full price, would you expect to own the rights to it?  Or would you feel happy to hand it back without compensation just so that you and your children would not be killed? 

But the farm murders are only a part of the statistic!  We didn't own a farm.  We merely lived in a house - in a suburb - a house that didn't even belong to us but was being passed down, from the owner (Iain's mother) to her son via the totally legal route of inheritance.  That was the sum total of our crime - to live in a house, in a city.

I will blog about this.  But not here.  I will create a fresh blog, and others may contribute if they have stories similar to ours.

And the publishing of books is going to continue.  Especially since moving here I have seen that the world still has a dire, dire need for stories, children's books, novels, escapism etc.

Will be back soon.

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