Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Sleepless again.

Smashwords.  Yoy.  My head is spinning.  I've migrated my account to "Publisher" and uploaded gipsika's "Arcana", launching it off with a few free copies.  A few?  Phew!  It's amazing how fast they are being downloaded - but just amazing for me, I guess.

Also, "The Morrigan" overshot its celebratory 10 copies and all the prequels overshot their 5.  Most popular seems to be "Raider".  No wonder really, it's an excellent book that one.

So now I can't sleep.  Again!  Got 2 authors pre-formatting their manuscripts for me so I can "nuclearize" them faster.  That's great.

Really, I have to go sleep, it's past midnight!

I'm writing on:

A Friday Fairytale - Nadisda's story, fantasy.

The Left Behind (The Abandoned - title in flux) - Interstellar, the revenge of Planet Earth

Shooting Star series (and I must spend time on that!) volume 3:  The Search for Home Base.  Things are getting weirder and weirder, but they must, because we're moving closer and closer to the final show-down with the Unicate.  Inbetween, the Keeper has to protect his planet from all sorts of other invasive alien pests. And if that means, allowing a symbiont to regenerate your body and trusting Dana...  well, what choice does he have?  Doing the right thing is not always simple.  Thank the Stars for Donegal Magic...

And I'm formatting for Smashwords, with the help of the authors themselves:

Almost Dead in Suburbia (Douglas Pearce)
The Pourne Identity (a skit by Douglas Pearce)
Split Decision (Carmen Capuano)
Chiaroscuro (yours twooly, though I'm thinking I ought to break it back into single stories again for Smashwords)

Covers we're working on:

The Pourne Identity (D Pearce)
Darx Circle (LHW Noble)
The Blue Between (A Luck)
Nix Romipen (yours truly)
a very secretive and covert story of which the title may only be revealed upon publication, by an extremely secretive author, all I can say is it's about fairies

That's plenty for now, I'm not going to go into more P'kadetail.


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