Sunday, April 17, 2016

Morbid dream from the Solar Wind crew

So Federi & co visit me in my dream - rather I happen upon them as they sit depressed on the Shooting Star, hanging around waiting for death.  Why?  Because their author has abandoned them (they think).

Okay, okay, Federi, I'm coming!  I need to remember why I write, and I need to finish the series.  I can understand his depression.  Totally.  I'm in Shooting Star 3 - "The Search for Home Base".  But I need a reason for Home Base.  Why is Earth not good enough?  That is logical:  because of the Unicate, and because Captain can look them up and bully them around as much as he likes.  Why not Valleylon?  Well, if you knew what crawls around on Valleylon...  anyway they are bounty-hunting for Federi and co, so it's not the safest home base.  So I've been putting it off, giving myself fully to running the studio (with great results!) and homeschooling my youngest, helping my oldest think of internship ideas...  all very worthy endeavours, and online marketing of, basically, me and my writing style, testing out Smashwords etc.  But:  In the process, Federi and crew got left behind.

Here's a question.

Does the symbiont actually make him immortal?  I don't think so.  He still ages normally, etc - but it makes him invulnerable.  But why would he age - why would Dana need the intricate system of New Dome's self-perpetuation, if the symbiont made one immortal?  Clearly it doesn't.  The symbiont is mortal. I need to do an exploration of the symbiont's mortality and what biochemical processes drive it.

Anyway, I have to spend time writing Shooting Star 3, and then on concluding the series.  The double series. 

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