Saturday, August 22, 2009


it catches a girl.

Haven't done anything but blogging and delaying all week. Last positive action was sending off a copy to Bookdata. Soul Mate is investigating the readings at libraries but the earliest we can do it is the second Saturday in September.

We've decided that for now we'll only be selling copies out of hand. I'm still going to go with that promotional program, furthermore he'll make me a beautiful website (did I mention he designs?). With a point-and-click ordering system so I can post copies to people as far as Cape Town (overseas I'll direct them to or Amazon, easier for them). Grr that puts a provisional Paid to P'Kaboo's credibility as a publisher - can't offer the service of small print runs to other authors yet because my marketing channels are as yet not set up. It would be so cool to have one bookshop - just one - who'd grant P'Kaboo two years per book rather than the customary 3-5 months! But okay - we're looking at big-time advertizing, and before our company has established itself and elbowed its way into the market place, we ought to avoid bookshops.

Still submitting to agents, with a hopeful grin...

...did I mention that self-publication is the coward's way out?


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