Monday, May 2, 2016

"The Family Pool" and "Arcana"

The power of a review in the right spot.  "The Family Pool" received its first review from a reader, and in fact it's the first review we get on Smashwords, ever!  (When I say "we" I mean P'kaboo, and the two authors so far up there, gipsika and Lyz.) 

"The Family Pool" is about a young woman who has married a man who, she discovers, is a member of a very wealthy family.  As her relationship with the family progresses, she realizes there is something very wrong. 

Here it is:

About writing, at this point:

The Shooting Star's crew are pretty fed up with me - I have too much other stuff going on in my life, my mind is full, churning with heavy life issues.  A close relative is in the process of dying from cancer.  We're the ones who are looking after her, most of the time.  There is a whole long rat's tail of events and circumstances attached to the point at which she actually passes, a moment I'm facing with utter dread.  I used to be able to escape into writing, but perhaps it will take a bit of self-discipline to get back there.  At this point it is music that takes my mind off things - when I'm playing, teaching or conducting the mini-orchestra or the Mozart ensemble, all my troubles vanish.  Music has never let me down that way.  Maybe, maybe Paean must pick up her violin again and play, and not stop playing until I'm back into completing the series.


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