Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review, sweet review

So Nikki Mason reviewed the third Solar Wind. Here is her review (in case this precious piece ever gets accidentally deleted, here's the backup:)

Freedom Fighter: Solar Wind III – Lyz Russo

 October 20, 2014    Book Reviews  0
Freedom fighterWhat they say:
“Keep an eye on them, Federi!” Captain Rushka Donegal on the bridge! But the young girl doesn’t feel up to running a ship full of unruly young crew. And then they come across disaster… So it falls to Federi to pick up the pieces while his Captain is not aboard. And while he rolls his dramatic eyes and gets things done, Paean Donegal arms up and signs on for the Fight for Freedom.
What we say – review by Nikki Mason:
Ready for another complex, piratical adventure? Good! Because Freedom Fighter is just as delicious as Lyz Russo’s two previous novels in The Solar Wind Series.
This is the third Solar Wind book I’ve read and I’ve loved each one more and more to the point where now I’m desperate to have questions answered and I’m missing the characters not being part of my life…Oh, alright, I’m missing not being on board a pirate ship in my imagination!
But this series is becoming progressively darker and more mysterious and suddenly The Solar Wind doesn’t seem quite as much fun as a traditional Jolly Roger. The captain and his senior crew members are all involved in peace talks, leaving his daughter as stand in captain. When she becomes sick everyone turns to Federi, the assassin, to be in charge. But doesn’t he have enough on his plate fighting terrorists, saving lives and fending off over-sized marine life? And things are becoming unbearably strained between him and Paean. Maybe being soulmates just isn’t enough sometimes? Especially when she’s tinkering with her own secret weapons and vowing to be the captain’s little Freedom Fighter.
This swashbuckling book is more than just an adventure story. It’s a young adult book that treats hormones, emotions and relationship with care and attention as well as exploring biology, politics and doing the right thing, whatever the risks. I found it heart breaking to see the strain my favourite characters were put under and I can’t wait to see if things are resolved in the next installment.

That's an open invitation for sending her "Raider".  Oh man I'm so going to!!
Sometimes I forget over being so busy being P'kaboo that I'm actually also one of my authors.  I don't always take care of me the way I do of the rest of us.  That is quite natural, for a mom and a teacher, and then for a publisher looking after others' interests...   
It's so nice to get acknowledgement!  SO nice!  And Nikki Mason shoots those arrows straight...  she reads the story the way it really was...  and she gives just enough to make people listen up and get curious, but not so much that it's a spoiler.
I LOVE all three reviews she's so far written for the Solar Winds, and I'm so happy she posted the other two on Goodreads, hope she does it for this one too.
On another note we got a new author, writes YA, very compelling style.  Yay!  

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