Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One of the sweetest things

Arcana, by "gipsika", on the first page of 2 search options of Epub Bud!

Arcana on Epub Bud, on the first pages of both "fiction" and "recently added" in the browse screens.

This is amazing! What a feeling! Meanwhile "Arcana" was a small, fast NaNoWriMo project, challenging myself whether I could write a novel in a month.

 I wrote it in 9 days. By the time Les and I had finished the final polish and editing, it was around the 25th of November. So not only did I write a novel within a month, I got it print-ready, and uploaded to Amazon and Honeymeadbooks, all in a month.

 When Afrihost (the server for Honeymead) wobbled, I also posted it on Epub and Scribd in order to have working copies to refer to.

 Let's see where this will take us :-)

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