Thursday, September 1, 2016

Exclusively for readers of THIS blog: 100% discount coupon on Arcana

I want to see how many people who read this blog, like free ebooks.

So here is a discount coupon exclusively for this blog, valid until 23 September (that's my baby's birthday), giving you 100% discount on the urban fantasy "Arcana".

Here's the coupon code:  KL77U


The Light Path; the Dark Path.
When Ivy Pennington, a sensible, intelligent young woman, plummets head-first into the occult, her biggest problem is trying to explain that she is simply not interested. Soon the storms of dark magic rage around her. She has a teenager to protect; a family member to dodge; a lot of explaining to do, to both her boss and the police. And sometimes it's easier to flick a careless little spell than try a lot of explanations.

But what will these little spells end up costing her? As Ivy tries to stay one step ahead of the dark path crowd and their underworld horrors, she learns a few harsh life lessons about what one sends out, coming back threefold.

A fast-paced read peppered with humour, deadly intrigues, magical khazam and a bit of romance.  

Enjoy! :)

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