Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Shortstories on Smashwords

Sometimes one needs time.  Time for your mind to stop buzzing.  My head is still buzzing, but step by baby-step I'm getting my life sorted out and back on track.  The only problem is that every time I think I've ticked one item off the list, three people ask me, "Have you done this yet?" "Have you checked out that yet?"  "What's happening about... ?"  And  my mind goes right back to buzzing.

In the interim, it seems as though the writer in me leads a life separate from mine.  She just carries on.  That's really good to know.  I wish the musician & teacher in me had it as easy as that.  Anyway, so this writer-alter-ego of mine has been posting more short-stories to Smashwords and making them free.  Here they are:

Newest first:


Rated 0/5 based on 1 reviews
On his meanderings, photojournalist Tom meets a little girl who plays alone in the park. First intrigued by her strange character, then worried for her safety, he accompanies her home, though she never allows him to follow the very last bit to her house. Then one day he misses their appointment... 
(Review by: J.T. (Janni) Styles on Aug. 07, 2016 : (no rating)
If you like paranormal, you will enjoy this story of a relationship between two unlikely characters, one of whom needs closure. The characters are well rounded and by the end of this story at least one of them will sit in your heart for some time after the reading.)
(review of free book)

How To Become A Professional Ghostwriter

Kelly has always dreamed of making her writing into a profession. The ad looks like a perfect opportunity, and she is thrilled when her call is actually answered...

The Family Pool

Rated 5.00/5 based on 1 reviews
Mary Adams has married into money. At first this is amazing and she is overwhelmed with thankfulness; but as time goes by she begins to realize that all is not well in the wealthy family. She comes upon a creepy volume of genealogy in the library of the house that was given to her and her husband John to live in, and from there, her curiosity turns into an obsession to get to the bottom of it.

The Racing Finn

(Short Story.)

Finnegan o'Flannagan (Finn) is an out-of-luck musician in the tiny town of Kilkee. The last thing he knows is how to race a horse; but this is exactly what he is requested to do, by his pretty and forceful young friend, the Lady Millen. Who can deny her?

A bit of slapstick to entertain you on a rainy day...

These stories are all FREE, and you'll find them lumped together at this link:

Shortstory collection


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