Monday, March 7, 2016

One book short of a full series

Yesterday I uploaded "Raider" to Smashwords.  4 up, 1 to go.

Raider!  (Solar Wind 4)

Alien Touchdown! If the crew of the Solar Wind thought the Unicate and the Rebellion were tough cookies, they haven't yet met the Danaan - from Planet New Dome. Coming to take over Earth - or destroy the planet. Or alternatively, for a mango daiquiri in the subtropical paradise of Southern Free. And then destroy the planet.

 Raider took a while to finish.  I was also waiting for an opportunity to create a local run and launch, but that is not going to happen in the near future.  Locally printing costs too much now, the margin between printing and the full retail price is too small for bookshops to buy small-run books.

Regardless. I think this is the first book so far that does not feature a freak wave.  (I also think, the next book has none.  "The Morrigan".)

Anyway here's the link to the book:

And here's the link to the series:

And now, dear sweets, I'm buggering off here so I can get on with the rest of these shambles I call "life"  :-D. 

(Author burn-out alert.  It's not the authoring or publishing burning me out, it's the need of a change.)

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