Friday, September 4, 2015

So amazing...

While I'm doggedly plodding through another revision of "Nix Romipen", Book 6 in the Solar Wind series, and that is after we thought "The Morrigan" was the last volume in that series, things are moving very fast in P'kaboo.

Times like this, I'm deeply thankful for all the help I'm getting, and that I don't have to run the ship alone.  Les, my excellent editor, is taking over going through submissions with a fine-toothed comb and approaching any edits with his usual, unusual sensitivity to the author.  Paul, our associate in UK, is taking over many details of the basic cogs and wheels concerning the overseas authors, approaching overseas book places and so on.  My young designer advises me on what works and doesn't work - mind, two other designers of ours have indicated that I do have an eye for visuals, but more advice is always great.  Interesting how the trends differ though.  The illustrator of a recent title has been giving more than her all to rectify quality issues with the original files of the release - working day, night, regardless to get everything smoothed down.  Two wonderful book bloggers are giving my authors spotlights, one by one, and two of my newest authors are pushing, L for Leather, the marketing and development of their works, one of them with such amazing success that a billboard ad will appear over a busy highway announcing her book available in a major UK book chain. 

If I didn't have my team around me, I'd be panicking, it all is moving so fast.  I'm deeply thankful to my wonderful associates as well as the strangers that are pitching in and helping.

Here's the poster that was created for Carmen Capuano, announcing her book in WHSmith:

To think that Bernhard, who created the cover for The Assassin and Almost Dead in Suburbia, originally created the 3D book image, and I've been using it all along, and now it has been deemed worthy of a billboard ad...

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