Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My head in a weird space

I'm writing and writing, the story's just running at the moment.  We're on "Shooting Star 3", The Search for Home Base.  Federi has finally decided to embrace that mutant as a part of himself after she regenerates his body basically from shrapnel.  Galamer has to fight for his kingship of Valleylon; the experienced politicians have found a way to sway the population against him, denying his birth right as High King. On the contrary, they come after him for his blood.  Earth and New Dome need to strengthen their alliance if both civilizations are to survive the battering from the Vaughhi, those blasted aliens that should have stayed on their own end of the universes.  And we finally learn about Jon Marsden's past... 

Ice Base gets revisited, and another surprise waits in the wings.  But through it all, there's a melancholy, longing theme weaving its way:  Where can the Shooting Star dock in safety?  Where is home?

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