Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Keep the ball rolling"

I just reread the beginning of this blog. 

From the outset, I had a "Thomas the Tank Engine" attitude. And here we are, plodding on still.  It's very hard to stop or derail a plodder.  This wasn't meant to plod, it was meant to fly; but that's easier done with a load of cash backing you.  But at least we are still here, still plodding.

The friend who helped me with the start-up cash for the first run, instructed me to "just keep the ball rolling".  Best piece of business advice!  And of course, the various "rules of making money" as per Ken Blanchard.  Number 3 is perhaps the most important, and so simple:

"Income - expenses = profit".

So simple.

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  1. In retrospect (see next post) this plodder was actually sick. We can restart with a more "flying" attitude now that's sorted.