Thursday, April 5, 2012

An immensely busy time

Balancing cost-per-copy against international airmail charges is a tango.  So investigations proceed into printing companies in the US who would be able to print, at a reasonable CPC, our music books.  Ditto in the UK, where I've luckily got a synergistic contact. Getting quotes over the public holidays is of course another matter...

We've achieved a lot recently:

  • Forest Circle Quest is print-ready and will be placed after the Easter Weekend.  The launch will take place in Durban, seeing that it's Les's book; date still to be finalized.
  • Violin Tunes is now in CNA and many different music shops across the country.  Best move ever, meeting the agent.
  • Not Another Scale Book! is finally off to America for the author.  I hope he will be as excited holding it in his hands as I was when I first had a paperback copy of the Solar Wind in my hands.
  •  Some work is still to be done on LUPA but the focus is narrowing down on it, meaning that we're going to be printing it in the not-too-distant future.
  • The Solar Wind 3 - "Freedom Fighter" - is ready for print.  A special hitch here - the printers that give us such beautiful quality on Forest Circle Quest can't bind books as thick as Freedom Fighter; so more binders are being investigated as the most important next step.  It's currently a waiting game, for them to come back with quotes.
No wonder I feel a little worn...

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