Sunday, December 6, 2009


By now I'm pretty sure of two things and wondering about a third.

1) The way I'm doing it is NOT getting results.
2) I need to read more and learn more and speak to more people and FIND OUT HOW IT WORKS!!!


3) I'm wondering if this whole blasted effort is jinxed? Here is why: Every single event I set up personally so far has belly-flopped. Booksigning at E-Books: 1 sale (to a friend). Launch: Library was closed. Booksigning at Scouts: First round: rained out. Second round: People not interested even though part of the proceeds was to go to Scouts. Sales Nil. Publicity near to nil. Klip Klap market: I'm wondering if the market itself isn't a loss. I'm wondering if anyone really sold anything there that day! But it was a set-up too, pushed into a corner - I guess that's just not the way to market a book! Kimiad market has vanished. Today's "promotional" event was none - it was a set-up by Iain, he never got it organized but got me under the impression that he had. It was really just a manipulative move to get me out of the four walls. Not appreciated! And of course no books were sold at Natalie... but on the up-side there, her sister Nandine is interested in agenting and has presented a few of them at Hazeldene (I think it was) market. We'll see how that went. I hope she sold some, that would be stunning.

I'm currently very discouraged. But I know, that's not the way to market a book. The media are. I only wish I could get an inside view in PTA news, Star and Beeld and all those other places. Sheesh. There are lots of readers out there - why should they buy American authors rather than me?

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