Friday, July 24, 2009

Next Step

To-do List

Now that we're "legal" with ISBN and all, the next step is the marketing.

  • Look up book clubs for readings
  • Include others in profit (commission) for selling copies
  • Gift copies to strategic people (bookshop owners, libraries...)
  • Posters and events
  • Find out who the bookshop suppliers are
  • Find special interest groups
Amazingly, while selling copies out-of-hand, there's already one customer who is interested in the sequel. That isn't even printed yet! At this rate I guess I'll have to repeat the small run process for the sequel along with further runs for the first book!

All this is very encouraging. And I have to say, hats off to my professional friend and to the printers. The book is truly beautiful. I love the cover - so does everyone else I show it to!

Signing off for now

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